Creative Curriculum

CCurriculum for Preschool

The Creative CurriculumĀ® for Preschool is an early childhood curriculum that focuses on project-based investigations as a means for children to apply skills. It addresses four areas of development: social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and language. The curriculum is designed to foster development of the whole child through teacher-led small and large group activities centered around 11 interest areas (blocks, dramatic play, toys and games, art, library, discovery, sand and water, music and movement, cooking, computers, and outdoors).


The Creative Curriculum for Preschool is based on 38 objectives and learning. These objectives are fully aligned with the Head Start Child Development, Early Learning Framework, state early learning standards and integrated into each and every one of the comprehensive collection of resources that makes up the curriculum.


This curriculum has a long, rich history, and has always offered teachers valuable insight into the most current research and best practices for early childhood education.


These practices help preschool teachers and infants, toddlers and caregivers to be their most effective, while still honoring their creativity and respecting their critical role in making learning exciting and relevant for every child.


The Creative CurriculumĀ® helps every early childhood program create a high-quality learning environment that enables every child to become a creative, confident thinker.